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Showcase your work to the world

Here's why your proof of work is important.

A great first impression for collaborations

Certificates are ancient, move to proof of work now!

Shows you’re more than just a resume

Don’t tell, instead, show.

Increases your online presence and visibility

Leave a digital footprint that can impact your peers.

We have made collaborations simple, structured, and quicker

A great project or an idea needs a great team to scale.

Find the right team to build your project or idea

Right team = Scale fast.

Find the right mentor to reduce your learning curve

Right mentor = Learn fast.

Join a team or find a team in just 2 steps

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Utilize the power of self-branding

Increase your social status with us.

Build a personal brand around your projects and ideas.

Flaunt your skills and become a brand.

Network with other members having a similar area of interest.

Your network is your net worth.

In-built team management feature

You don't have to juggle between apps to share documents and manage your team simultaneously.

Add/remove/edit team members with special admin controls
Share important documents, links, and files with your team members
Stay in touch with your network through our in-built chat system
Frequently asked questions

POW builds credibility, gives confidence, and differentiates you from others. It is always better to have proof of your project or idea than just speaking about it.

Simple logic: There is a certain limit to an individual’s capacity. Having the right team can help you build projects and ideas faster and more efficiently.

A few skills and practices take a long to master. But with the experience and guidance of a mentor, the learning curve gets reduced, with lesser obvious mistakes and faster learning.

There is a saying which says ‘You only learn when you do’. Application-based learning enhances your conceptual knowledge and gives you a chance to make practical mistakes and learn from them.

There is no age bias for mentors on Inovact Social. If you’re a person with some practical experience and knowledge in a particular domain/stream, you're good to go as a mentor on Inovact Social.

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A competitive social network that enables students, entrepreneurs and mentors to collaborate over projects and ideas in just 2 steps. A great platform to showcase your thoughts and proof of work to the world.

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